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Basic terms

1. General Information.

1.1. "RailGallery" website located at https://railgallery.ru , we understand as a non-profit, private database that enables all users (who accepted rules of the site) to publish pictures of rolling stock, add information to the base of rolling stock, as well as comment on the materials published on the site.

1.2. The main purpose of the site is to collect information about the railway transport around the world.

1.3. «User» («guest», «participant», «author») - any person who has access to or otherwise uses various features of the site (as a guest or registered user).

1.4 «Administrator» - a person who has access to all of the permissions on this website.

1.5 «Moderator» - а person who has the right to control the content of the page (photo materials and / or comments).

1.6 «Photo moderator» - a person, who decides whether the submitted material complies with the criteria for photos.

1.7 «Editor» - a person, who has the right to make changes to the rolling stock database in one or more railroads.

2. Responsibility of the parties.

2.1. The responsibility of the user.

2.1.1 The user who uses various features of the site, accepts all items of this regulation, as well as items of the rules that relate to the services used by the user on the site. If you do not agree to at least one of the points of these rules, the user must leave the site.

2.1.2 The fact of registration on the site will constitute the user's agreement to all the terms of this agreement. Ignorance of any points of the rules does not release the user from responsibility for their violation. Failure to comply with the rules may be the reason for refusal to use the services of the site, and in some cases-entail administrative or criminal liability in accordance with applicable law.

2.1.3 The user is responsible for the security of his / her login and password, as well as for everything that will be done on the site under the user's login and password.

2.1.4 The user is solely responsible for all information, photos and other materials that are published, received, transmitted or otherwise made available through on the site.

2.1.5 The user undertakes not to offer to publish materials that are illegal, go beyond moral norms and copyrights.

2.1.6 The user agrees not to offer for publication materials that: a) the user has no right to publish in accordance with the law or any contractual relationship; b) are protected by any trademark, trademark, which are tied trade secret or otherwise protected by copyright; c) copyright is also a third party; d) it is prohibited to publish indirectly or directly materials that have been committed contrary to the law in force in the country.

2.1.7 Each user can view and save photos and other materials on their computer.

2.1.8 The user, placing their materials on the site, allows for their further use free of charge for users of the site for personal purposes not related to their public demonstration and / or the inclusion of marketability, if not specified separately, the license under which the photo and/or other material is placed.

2.1.9 Any use of the materials published by the user for commercial purposes is possible only with the permission of the copyright owner.

2.1.10 The activities of the user on the website must not violate norms of the legislation of the countries, which are associated with the user content and the user country.

2.2 The responsibility of the administration.

2.2.1 The site of administration is not responsible for the fact that the user publishes other people's photos, as well as for other copyright violations, materials published by users. However, administrators try to fight as much as possible and to counteract such cases..

2.2.2 The site of administration is not responsible for the further use of materials downloaded from the site.

2.2.3 The site of administration is not responsible for non-compliance with the user's expectations (in the sense of compliance of the site with the user's expectations).

2.2.4 The site of administration is not responsible for direct or indirect losses that occurred to the user, for example, deleting files, changing functions, delays in data transmission, unauthorized access to communications or user data in case of technical malfunctions, hackers/hackers, etc..

2.2.5 The site of administration is not responsible for direct or indirect damage caused to the user due to the publication of photos and other materials, another user or another person.

2.2.6 The site of administration is not responsible for the behavior of third parties on the website.

2.2.7 The site of administration is not responsible for the termination of your access to the site or its various functions.

2.2.8 The site of administration is not responsible for the published, created materials from the site users.

2.2.9 In addition to these rules, established by the administrations, additional rules may be established that regulate certain aspects provided by the site.