Terms & Conditions

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1. The ratings are used to increase the motivation of users to publish interesting materials in high quality.

2. With the help of ratings, website users can express their attitude towards published materials by other users.

2.1. Estimation from the user is displayed in his profile and is calculated on the basis of "1 ranking result for 100 points issued by other users".

2.2. The estimation from the comments in the profile is calculated on the same basis as the rating of the photos in point 2.1. There are rated comments, written by the author.

3. It is strictly forbidden to discuss the judgments given in the comments on the photos, as well as on the forum (in addition to the information about problems in the work of the website software).

4. The criteria for registering users for voting and voting procedures are set by the administration.

4.1. To get the right to vote and rate photos on a website, you must have at least 3 approved photos created by yourself.

4.2. Approved photos that were taken by other authors, do not give the opportunity to evaluate other photos and vote on them in the competition.

4.3. In case of abuse of the right to issue negative marks (rigid and unjustified criticism, issuing negative marks on personal soil, etc.) it is possible to exclude the right to vote for a certain time or forever.

5. Photographs submitted for voting by authors and users take part in the photo competition.

5.1. To enter a photo competition, which is proposed by the author, he must get at least 25 contest points.

5.2. If the author himself did not propose a photo to take part in a photo competition, but he does not defend it to take part in the competition, then the photo can be automatically transferred to the competition, when he gets +35 and more competition points from the website users.

5.3. If the photo proposed by the author for the competition gains a competitive estimate from -10 and lower, the photo will be automatically eliminated from the competition.

6. Voting for the participant's status in the competition takes place in a continuous mode.

7. Voting for the status of the winner of the competition takes place as you gain competition photos.

7.1. 10 photos taken on the terms specified in 5.1. and 5.2.

7.2. If there are no groups from 10 photos, the competition will be launched until the day the number of photos is adjusted according to the competition conditions.

7.3. When the number of competition entries is sufficient, the voting starts at 4:00 and ends exactly 24 hours.

7.4. In the competition for the photo of the month take part photos that took first places in photo contests for the current calendar month. The competition starts on the last day of the month.

7.5. In the competition for the photo of the year take photos, which took first places in photo contests for the picture of the month. The competition starts on the last day of the year.

7.6. In the case of an equal number of votes in the photo competition, the places in the voting results are distributed in the photo ranking: photos with high rankings with an equal number of votes occupy places higher than those with low rankings.

8. The status of the winner of the competition does not give the authors any benefits and advantages.

9. After the vote, the dissemination of information about voting users and the judgments provided by them is not allowed under any conditions.