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Registration rules

1. Registration on the site is necessary to be able to publish materials and comment on them.

2. For registration and further use of the site is forbidden to use nicknames, statuses and signatures containing profanity.It is forbidden to publish in the information section of your profile the following materials: a) any form of insult or ill-treatment; b) indicate and discuss the physical and psychological qualities of each user of the site; c) statements that cause directly or indirectly hatred, racial, ethnic or religious intolerance, as well as insulting religious, national and other feelings of visitors to the site; d) the use of obscene (vulgar) words, as symbols that can replace them.

3. The user's nickname and avatar must not be offensive to any user of the site. Avatar should not contain pornographic materials.

4. The user is fully responsible for the security of your password, login and for any losses that may occur as a result of the loss of your password and unauthorized use of your account. The user recommends that you change your password regularly. All actions performed by the authorized person, the visitor, the user under the login and password shall be considered as the activity of the user. The user is fully responsible for all actions performed by the authorized person on his behalf. The site administration is not responsible and does not compensate for losses caused by unauthorized access of third parties to the login, password and user account.

5. When you register on the site from the user receives the following information: a) network user name ("login" - a unique identifier that allows everyone to uniquely distinguish one user from another; b) password required to access your account; c) e-mail address.

6. The user can optionally provide other information about themselves, such as the address of a private website or ICQ number.

7. When you use the services of this site, we collect the following information about you: a) the user name on the site (which may not match the real user name); b) IP-addresses from which messages are sent.

8. User passwords and IP addresses are not published on the website for public access. E-mail address published in the public domain at the request of the user.

9. It is forbidden to create more than one account per person. In case of detection of such accounts, they will be deleted without the possibility of recovery.