Railway District/Company:West Siberian railway
Depot:Bachatsky Surface coal mine
Builder:Lyudinovo Locomotive Plant  
Identification number:15272578
Category:Shunting Diesel Locomotives
Current condition: In operation 
КР 08.2017 г. Мичуринский ЛРЗ

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ТЭМ7А-0345, October Railway
 ТЭМ7А-0348 , West Siberian railway
ТЭМ7А-0237, Private carriers

Россия, Ленинградская область, станция Калище
Russia, Leningrad region, Kalische station

Thursday, August 25, 2022
Author: teplovo3nik

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—  West Siberian railway → Bachatsky Surface coal mine → TEM7A
—  West Siberian railway → Bachatsky Surface coal mine
—  West Siberian railway → TEM7A
—  TEM7A