774 718-1

Railway District/Company:Prydniprovska Railway
Depot:ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, РJSC (Kryvorizhstal)
Builder:CZ LOKO, a.s.   Česká Třebová
Serial type:Effishunter 1600
Works number:19-1032
Identification number:CZ-CZL 92 54 2 774 718-1
Category:Shunting Diesel Locomotives
Current condition: In operation 

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Dr18-106, Private carriers

Словакия, Кошицкий край, депо Ганиска-при-Кошицах
Slovakia, Kosice region, Ganiska pri Kosice depot
Slovensko, Košický kraj, depo Haniska pri Košiciach

October 2020
Author: rasto

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—  Prydniprovska Railway → ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, РJSC (Kryvorizhstal) → 774.7
—  Prydniprovska Railway → ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, РJSC (Kryvorizhstal)
—  Prydniprovska Railway → 774.7
—  774.7