Moscow RailwayStupinskoye PPZhT
 Skopinskoye PPZhT

Railway District/Company:Moscow Railway
Depot:Stupinskoye PPZhT
Model:TGM6, TGM6A
Builder:Lyudinovo Locomotive Plant   Lyudinovo
Category:Shunting Diesel Locomotives
Current condition: Out of order 
С постройки отправлен в Скопинское ППЖТ

Depot:Stupinskoye PPZhT
Transferred to another depot
Transferred to another depot
Depot:Skopinskoye PPZhT
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Lists of rolling stock:

—  Moscow Railway → Stupinskoye PPZhT → TGM6, TGM6A
—  Moscow Railway → Skopinskoye PPZhT → TGM6, TGM6A
—  Moscow Railway → Stupinskoye PPZhT
—  Moscow Railway → Skopinskoye PPZhT
—  Moscow Railway → TGM6, TGM6A
—  TGM6, TGM6A