Odeska RailwaySea Specialized Port "Nika-Tera"
 TCH-8 Nikolaev

Railway District/Company:Odeska Railway
Depot:Sea Specialized Port "Nika-Tera"
Builder:ČKD   Praha
Category:Shunting Diesel Locomotives
Current condition: In operation 

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Украина, Черкасская область, депо Христиновка
Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Khrystynivka depot
Україна, Черкаська область, депо Христинівка

Автор — B. Braun

Sunday, October 21, 2001
Received from Bahnbilder von W. and H. Brutzer

Depot:Sea Specialized Port "Nika-Tera"
Transferred to another depot
Transferred to another depot
Depot:TCH-8 Nikolaev
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Lists of rolling stock:

—  Odeska Railway → Sea Specialized Port "Nika-Tera" → CHME2
—  Odeska Railway → TCH-8 Nikolaev → CHME2
—  Odeska Railway → Sea Specialized Port "Nika-Tera"
—  Odeska Railway → TCH-8 Nikolaev
—  Odeska Railway → CHME2
—  CHME2