Railway District/Company:Kuybyshev Railway
Depot:Private depots at the enterprises
Model:TGK2, TGK2-1
Category:Shunting Diesel Locomotives
Current condition: In operation 
Note:ООО "Зирганский элеватор"
05.2021 — сход на стрелке на территории ООО "Зирганский элеватор"

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Россия, Башкортостан, ООО "Зирганский элеватор"
Russia, Bashkortostan, "Zirgan elevator" LLC

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Author: sergey1998

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ТГК2 TGK2, TGK2-1 Private ООО "Мелеузовский элеватор"

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—  Kuybyshev Railway → Private depots at the enterprises → TGK2, TGK2-1
—  Kuybyshev Railway → Private depots at the enterprises
—  Kuybyshev Railway → TGK2, TGK2-1
—  TGK2, TGK2-1