Railway District/Company:Srbija Voz
Model:JŽ 461
Builder:Electroputere S.A.   Craiova
Works number:107
Identification number:91 72 1 461 003-7
Category:Main Electric Locomotives
Current condition: Out of order 
В декабре 2016г. выставлен на продажу.

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Сербия, Белград, депо Белград
Serbia, Belgrade, Belgrade depot
Србија, Београд, депо Београд

Monday, January 9, 2017
Author: Алексей Потелещенко

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Lists of rolling stock:

—  Srbija Voz → Beograd → JŽ 461
—  Srbija Voz → Beograd
—  Srbija Voz → JŽ 461
—  JŽ 461