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Рельсосварочная машина

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ID number Built Left/written off Railway Depot Note
427 001 Serbia, other companies ZGOP a.d.
ПРСМ4-001 19723014 East Siberian Railway PMS-56
ПРСМ4-004 19724004 1987 Donetska Railway Railway technics РСП6 Красный Лиман
ПРСМ4-005 19724053 1987 Georgian Railway Service
ПРСМ4-006 19724061 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Bagayevka
ПРСМ4-010 19724103 Prydniprovska Railway Centralny GOK
ПРСМ4-012 19723121 1988 Odeska Railway Service is the path РСП-13
ПРСМ4-013 1988 Northern Railway PMS-111
ПРСМ4-015 1988 2016 Sverdlovsk Railway PMS-171
ПРСМ4-018 19724186 1988 Latvian Railways Service
ПРСМ4-019 1988 Moscow Railway PMS-97
ПРСМ4-021 19723212 1988 Latvian Railways Service CPE-8 Jelgava
ПРСМ4-022 1988 October Railway Service РСП-1 Предпортовая
ПРСМ4-023 Moldovan Railways PMS-294
024 Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko Other TSS Bratislava
ПРСМ4-025 1989 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-027 99 53 9421001-2 RO-PRCON Romania, other companies Other Necunoscut
ПРСМ4-029 19723295 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars РСП-4 Кунгур
ПРСМ4-031 Zabaikal Railway PMS-11
ПРСМ4-034 19724343 Georgian Railway Service
ПРСМ4-035 19723352 1989 South-Eastern Railway Museum YuVZhD
ПРСМ4-036 19720366 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars РСП-4 Кунгур
ПРСМ4-037 1989 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-038 19723386 1990 Pivdenno-Zakhidna Railway South-Western Directorate РСП-5 Киев
ПРСМ4-042 19724426 Prydniprovska Railway Severny GOK
ПРСМ4-043 South Urals Railways PMS-176
ПРСМ4-046 19724467 Belarusian Railway Service cars РСП-10 Орша
ПРСМ4-053 Poland, other companies Other
ПРСМ4-055 1992 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-056 19723568 1992 Gorky Railway Novki-M.
ПРСМ4-057 19724574 1992 North Caucasus Railway PMS-24
ПРСМ4-059 19723592 1992 Prydniprovska Railway Dnieper Directorate РСП-39 Верховцево
ПРСМ4-060 19724608 1992 Kaliningrad railway Chernyakhovsk
ПРСМ4-067 1993 Gorky Railway Service
ПРСМ4-068 1993 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-069 19602523 1993 South Urals Railways PMS-176
ПРСМ4-070 1993 Northern Railway PMS-111
ПРСМ4-072 Krasnoyarsk Railway Service
ПРСМ4-073 19724731 Moscow Railway PMS-55 РСП-18
ПРСМ4-074 19724749 1995 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-075 19602663 (19724756) 1996 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-076 19722768 1996 Moscow Railway PMS-55
ПРСМ4-077 19724772 1998 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-079 99 56 9427 075-5 SK-ŽSR Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko Other Žilina
ПРСМ4-080 19724806 Far Eastern Railway PMS-186
ПРСМ4-081 19724814 2000 South-Eastern Railway PMS-140
ПРСМ4-082 2000 Krasnoyarsk Railway PMS-48
ПРСМ4-083 2000 Srbija Voz Novi Sad
ПРСМ4-084 19602671 2000 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-085 19724855 2000 South-Eastern Railway PMS-140
ПРСМ4-086 2000 Zabaikal Railway PMS-11
ПРСМ4-087 19723873 2001 Gorky Railway Novki-M.
ПРСМ4-088 19723881 2001 South-Eastern Railway PMS-140
ПРСМ4-089 19723899 2001 West Siberian railway PMS-20
ПРСМ4-090 19723907 2001 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-091 19602762 (19723915) 2001 Moscow Railway PMS-55
ПРСМ4-092 19723923 (19600659) Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-093 19773415 Far Eastern Railway PMS-186
ПРСМ4-094 19723949 Moscow Railway PMS-55
ПРСМ4-095 19723956 2002 Sverdlovsk Railway PMS-171
ПРСМ4-096 Zabaikal Railway PMS-11
ПРСМ4-097 Northern Railway PMS-111
ПРСМ4-098 19600287 West Siberian railway PMS-20
ПРСМ4-099 19723998 ≈ 2002 Belarusian Railway Service cars РСП-10 Орша
ПРСМ4-100 19724004 2003 Belarusian Railway Service cars РСП-10 Орша
ПРСМ4-101 2003 Moscow Railway Service cars
ПРСМ4-102 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Rsp РСП-1 ст. К-Боровое
ПРСМ4-105 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Rsp
ПРСМ4-106 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Rsp РСП-2 ст. Луговая
ПРСМ4-107 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Rsp РСП-2 ст. Луговая
ПРСМ4-108 19724087 Moscow Railway Service cars Аренда РСП
ПРСМ4-109 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-110 2004 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Bagayevka
ПРСМ4-111 19729615 2004 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-112 19729623 2004 Far Eastern Railway PMS-186
ПРСМ4-113 19724137 2004 Odeska Railway Service is the path РСП-13
ПРСМ4-114 19724145 2004 Pivdenna Railway Service cars РСП-11 Кременчуг
ПРСМ4-115 19724152 2004 L'vivska Railway Lviv Directorate "ССRТ" РСП-16 Дубляны
ПРСМ4-116 2004 Sverdlovsk Railway PMS-171
ПРСМ4-117 19729672 Zabaikal Railway PMS-11
ПРСМ4-118 2005 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-38
ПРСМ4-119 East Siberian Railway PMS-56
ПРСМ4-120 19729706 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Bagayevka
ПРСМ4-121 19729714 2005 North Caucasus Railway PMS-24
ПРСМ4-122 19729722 06.2005 Krasnoyarsk Railway PMS-48
ПРСМ4-123 19600162 08.2005 Gorky Railway Novki-M.
ПРСМ4-124 19729748 10.2005 South Urals Railways PMS-176
ПРСМ4-125 19765882 12.2005 Far Eastern Railway PMS-186
ПРСМ4-126 19729763 12.2005 Northern Railway PMS-111
ПРСМ4-127 19602861 02.2006 North Caucasus Railway PMS-24
ПРСМ4-128 19723287 04.2006 Latvian Railways Service CPE-1 Šķirotava
ПРСМ4-129 2006 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-130 19729805 2006 North Caucasus Railway PMS-24
ПРСМ4-131 19729813 2006 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-132 19729821 2006 Sverdlovsk Railway PMS-171
ПРСМ4-133 19729839 2006 West Siberian railway PMS-20
ПРСМ4-135 19729854 2007 Gorky Railway Novki-M.
ПРСМ4-136 19729862 2008 South Urals Railways PMS-176 Аренда РСП-13
ПРСМ4-137 19729870 East Siberian Railway PMS-56

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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