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Кран с дизель-электрическим приводом, грузоподъёмностью 25 т

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ID number Built Left/written off Railway Depot Note
КДЭ251-ХХХ Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Private Волгоградский судостроительный завод
КДЭ251-?4ХХ 1970 Moscow Railway Private Дулёвский фарфоровый завод
КДЭ251-2 1962 Estonia, private carieers MAARDU RAUDTEE AS
КДЭ251-17 North Caucasus Railway Service cars
КДЭ251-35 October Railway Private Савёловский машиностроительный завод
КДЭ251-41 18922013 1965 Odeska Railway Pomoshnaja
КДЭ251-43 1965 Moldovan Railways Industrial vehicles
КДЭ251-48 1965 East Siberian Railway Private ООО "Компания "Востсибуголь", г. Иркутск
КДЭ251-57 1965 Pivdenno-Zakhidna Railway Private Строительное управление №146 (ст. Буча)
КДЭ251-63 1965 October Railway Apatit
КДЭ251-69 West Siberian railway Service cars База № 58 (Кулунда)
КДЭ251-78 Northern Railway PMS-324
КДЭ251-93 1963 1963 Other Other Tnk3-971
КДЭ251-98 1966 Norilsk Railway (PJSC MMC "Nornikel") Dudinka
КДЭ251-109 Moscow Railway Mikhailovskiy mining
КДЭ251-116 Moscow Railway Private
КДЭ251-130 1966 1966 Other Other Tnk3-972
КДЭ251-138 1967 Belarusian Railway Service cars ПЧ-18 Калинковичи
КДЭ251-154 1967 Sverdlovsk Railway NTMK
КДЭ251-174 1967 Pivdenna Railway Private Сумы
КДЭ251-184 1967 North Caucasus Railway Private ООО УК «Трансюжстрой»
КДЭ251-189 1967 Kuybyshev Railway Private п/п ст. Заинск
КДЭ251-194 1967 South Urals Railways Private АО "ЧЗМК", г.Челябинск
КДЭ251-197 1967 Moscow Railway Private
КДЭ251-212 1967 South Urals Railways ChMK
КДЭ251-214 1967 Moscow Railway Aleksandrov
КДЭ251-217 01.1968 October Railway MZ Zvezda
КДЭ251-242 Sverdlovsk Railway NSMMZ
КДЭ251-246 1968 October Railway Leningradslanetc
КДЭ251-247 1968 Donetska Railway Private Старобешевская ТЭС
КДЭ251-259 1968 Gorky Railway
КДЭ251-267 1968 October Railway Nevsky work
КДЭ251-268 1968 Sverdlovsk Railway Sinarapromtrans (STZ) № 06
КДЭ251-271 1968 Abkhazian Railway Suhum
КДЭ251-274 1968 Zabaikal Railway Chita CHP-1
КДЭ251-282 1968 Sverdlovsk Railway Private ОАО "Корпорация ВСМПО-АВИСМА", г. Верхняя Салда
КДЭ251-284 1968 Moscow Railway Private Черкизовское ППЖТ
КДЭ251-288 1968 Uzbekistan railways Almalyk
КДЭ251-289 1968 Far Eastern Railway Service ООО "Дальстройиндустрия", г. Комсомольск-на-Амуре
КДЭ251-293 1968 Belarusian Railway Private ОАО "Белметалл" г. Минск
КДЭ251-300 1968 Sverdlovsk Railway
КДЭ251-310 1968 Sverdlovsk Railway Private
КДЭ251-314 Moscow Railway Kolomna works
КДЭ251-315 West Siberian railway Zheleznodorozhnik
КДЭ251-317 1966 October Railway Izora
КДЭ251-325 1969 Sverdlovsk Railway UPZT
КДЭ251-327 1969 Sverdlovsk Railway VGOK
КДЭ251-329 Moscow Railway Elektrostal IERT
КДЭ251-330 1969 South-Eastern Railway KMAruda
КДЭ251-334 1969 Moscow Railway Other
КДЭ251-342 Pivdenno-Zakhidna Railway Private База Мостоотряда №2 (Киев)
КДЭ251-355 18922021 1969 Pivdenno-Zakhidna Railway Service is the path ПЧ-2 Дарница
КДЭ251-363 1969 October Railway Kirovsky plant
КДЭ251-368 1969 Northern Railway Sevmash
КДЭ251-381 1969 Moscow Railway Private Мостоотряд-22, г. Рязань
КДЭ251-402 1969 Gorky Railway Private ПАО "Ижнефтемаш"
КДЭ251-406 1969 Sverdlovsk Railway UPZT
КДЭ251-417 2014 Pivdenno-Zakhidna Railway Private Завод "АТЕК" (ст. Святошин)
КДЭ251-420 1970 Sverdlovsk Railway Uralasbest
КДЭ251-438 1970 Sverdlovsk Railway Tumen plant transpor
КДЭ251-440 1970 October Railway Kirovsky plant
КДЭ251-443 1970 South Urals Railways MMK
КДЭ251-458 West Siberian railway SLC PJT
КДЭ251-466 1970 South Urals Railways Private Южно-Уральский криолитовый завод
КДЭ251-469 1970 Moscow Railway Private Дмитровский завод МЖБК
КДЭ251-474 1970 Sverdlovsk Railway Kachkanarsky GOK
КДЭ251-475 1970 Pivdenna Railway "Build" In
КДЭ251-477 1970 Sverdlovsk Railway Uralasbest
КДЭ251-479 1970 Sverdlovsk Railway Private г. Екатеринбург
КДЭ251-491 1970 October Railway Kirovsky plant
КДЭ251-493 1970 Gorky Railway
КДЭ251-533 Stepnogorsk Railways Stepnogorsk
КДЭ251-535 Stepnogorsk Railways Stepnogorsk
КДЭ251-545 West Siberian railway Service cars ООО «Электропром»
КДЭ251-554 1971 Prydniprovska Railway NTRP name of K. Lieb
КДЭ251-555 1971 South Urals Railways Private ПАО "Уральская Кузница", г.Чебаркуль
КДЭ251-565 1971 October Railway Private Машиностроительный завод «Трансмаш», г. Тихвин
КДЭ251-567 18922039 1971 Pivdenna Railway Poltava
КДЭ251-574 1971 Moscow Railway Klimovsk MTC
КДЭ251-579 1971 Belarusian Railway MTZ
КДЭ251-580 1971 Moscow Railway Stupino IERT
КДЭ251-593 1971 Kuybyshev Railway Private ООО "Тольяттинский трансформатор"
КДЭ251-599 1971 Sverdlovsk Railway Sinarapromtrans (STZ) № 9
КДЭ251-611 1971 Northern Railway Private Череповецкий завод силикатного кирпича
КДЭ251-643 West Siberian railway Bachatsky mine
КДЭ251-645 South Urals Railways ZEMZ
КДЭ251-651 1972 Crimea railway Private
КДЭ251-668 2017 Northern Railway PChM Nyandoma
КДЭ251-677 West Siberian railway Zheleznodorozhnik
КДЭ251-693 19627736 1972 Belarusian Railway Service cars ПЧ-20 Бобруйск
КДЭ251-709 1972 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Private Мостоотряд №83, г. Астрахань
КДЭ251-718 1972 Sverdlovsk Railway VGOK
КДЭ251-731 1972 Krasnoyarsk Railway Bogotol
КДЭ251-737 1972 Sverdlovsk Railway SUBR JSC
КДЭ251-742 1972 Belarusian Railway Other ВС РБ в/ч 18662, г. Слуцк
КДЭ251-743 1972 Gorky Railway Private Завод "Красное Сормово"
КДЭ251-746 11.1972 Odeska Railway
Tnk3-971 1963 Finland railway Other KDE251-93
Tnk3-972 1966 Finland railway Other KDE251-130

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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