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Syrian railways, Other

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Model Works number Built
A-300 (нет в списке)
A-301 (нет в списке)
AV 402 (нет в списке)
LDE3200-609 DE 32C AC (LDE-3200)
LDE3200-628 DE 32C AC (LDE-3200)
LDE1500-506 LDE1500
LDE1500-507 LDE1500
LDE1500-508 LDE1500
LDE1500-509 LDE1500
LDE1500-510 LDE1500
LDE1500-511 LDE1500
LDE1500-512 LDE1500
LDE1500-513 LDE1500
LDE1500-514 LDE1500
LDE1500-515 LDE1500
LDE1500-516 LDE1500
LDE1500-517 LDE1500
LDE1500-518 LDE1500
LDE1500-519 LDE1500
LDE1500-520 LDE1500
LDE1500-521 LDE1500
LDE1500-522 LDE1500
LDE1500-523 LDE1500
LDE1500-524 LDE1500
LDE1200-001 TEM2S 1972
LDE1200-002 TEM2S 1972
LDE1200-003 TEM2S 1972
LDE1200-006 TEM2S 1972
LDE1200-009 TEM2S 1972
LDE1200-011 TEM2S 1972
LDE1800-303 U17C
LDE1800-310 U17C
LDE1800-353 U17C
LDE1800-355 U17C
LDE1800-360 U17C
LDE2800-201 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 0003 1974
LDE2800-202 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 0004 1974
LDE2800-203 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 0005 1974
LDE2800-204 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 0006 1974
LDE2800-205 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 0007 1974
LDE2800-207 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 0009 1974
LDE2800-208 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 0010 1974
LDE2800-209 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 0011 1974
LDE2800-222 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 1975
LDE2800-235 ТЭ114С (LDE2800)
LDE2800-243 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 1983
LDE2800-259 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 0198 1983
LDE2800-269 ТЭ114С (LDE2800) 1983
LDE2800-273 ТЭ114С (LDE2800)
LDE2800-420 ТЭ114С (LDE2800)
LDE2800-428 ТЭ114С (LDE2800)
LDE2800-429 ТЭ114С (LDE2800)

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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