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Sverdlovsk Railway, Vysokogorsky GOK

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Model Works number Built Left/written off Note
ДПМ-7 (нет в списке) Снегоочиститель
9П-166 9P
9П-198 9P
9П-264 9P
9П-620 9P
9П-82 9P (164 type) 1939 15.09.1968
9П-170 9P (164 type) 1940 06.1970
АГВ-655 AGV 1977
ДГку-2245 DGKu 1978
ДГку/5-4971 DGKu 1987
ДМм-1866 DM, DMm
EL1-909 EL1
EL2-305 EL2
EL2-317 EL2
EL2-349 EL2 1961
EL2-356 EL2 9817 1961 Электротолкатель ТЭ4
EL2-357 EL2 9818 1961 Электротолкатель ТЭ3
EL2-395 EL2
EL2-396 EL2
EL2-415 EL2
EL21-003 EL21 1981
EL21-012 EL21 1981
EL21-020 EL21 12.1981
EL21-039 EL21 1982
EL21-058 EL21 1982
EL21-059 EL21 1982
EL21-060 EL21 18088 1982
EL21-061 EL21 18089 1982
EL21-062 EL21 18090 1982
EL21-063 EL21 18091 1982
EL21-065 EL21 18093 1982
EL21-147 EL21 1984 Памятник на выставочной площадке Высокогорского ГОК
EL21-150 EL21 1984
EL21-151 EL21 1984
EL21-152 EL21 1984
EL21-265 EL21 1986
Эм-5024 Eu, Em, Er 1934 1970
П-002 IVKP1
IVКП1-6530 IVKP1 6530 1949
IVКП1-6531 IVKP1 6531 1949
IVКП1-6532 IVKP1
IVКП1Б-100 IVKP1A (B, V)
IVКП1Б-122 IVKP1A (B, V)
IVКП1Б-134 IVKP1A (B, V) 1956
КДЭ163-4627 KDE163 1985
КДЭ251-718 KDE251 1972
КЖ561-101 KZh561 1994
ТГМ6А-507 TGM6, TGM6A 1974
ТГМ6А-1206 TGM6, TGM6A 1979
ТГМ6А-1326 TGM6, TGM6A 1979
ТГМ6А-1327 TGM6, TGM6A 1979 Пострадал в столкновении
ТГМ6А-1337 TGM6, TGM6A 1980
ТГМ6А-1403 TGM6, TGM6A 1980
ТГМ6А-2080 TGM6, TGM6A 1985

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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