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Model Serial type Works number Built Left/written off Depot
31 (Steam locomotives) 2946 1917 Other
DRC1001 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1002 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1003 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1004 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1005 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1006 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1007 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1008 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1009 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1010 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1011 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1012 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1013 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1014 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1015 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1016 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1017 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1018 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1019 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1020 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1021 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1022 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1023 DR1000 series Changhua
DRC1024 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1025 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1026 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1027 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1028 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1029 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1030 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1031 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1032 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1033 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1034 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1035 DR1000 series Qidu
DRC1036 DR1000 series Qidu
DR2703 DR2700 series Taitung
DR2706 DR2700 series Taitung
DR2707 DR2700 series Taitung
DR2709 DR2700 series Taitung
DR2711 DR2700 series Taitung
DR2712 DR2700 series Taitung
DR2719 DR2700 series Taitung
E1001 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1002 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1005 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1015 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1020 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1021 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1022 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1023 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1024 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1025 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1026 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1027 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1028 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1029 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1030 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1031 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1032 E1000 series Kaohsiung
E1033 E1000 series Qidu
E1054 E1000 series Qidu
E1055 E1000 series Qidu
E1056 E1000 series Qidu
E1057 E1000 series Qidu
E1058 E1000 series Qidu
E1059 E1000 series Qidu
E1060 E1000 series Qidu
E1061 E1000 series Qidu
E1062 E1000 series Qidu
E1063 E1000 series Qidu
E1064 E1000 series Qidu
E202 E42C E200 Kaohsiung
EP101 EMU100 series Qidu
EP106 EMU100 series Qidu
EP108 EMU100 series Qidu
EP301 EMU300 series Qidu
EP308 EMU300 series Qidu
EP307 EMU300 series Qidu
EP306 EMU300 series Qidu
EP305 EMU300 series Qidu
EP304 EMU300 series Qidu
EP303 EMU300 series Qidu
EP302 EMU300 series Qidu
EMU3230 EMU3000 series Qidu
EMU3240 EMU3000 series Qidu
EMU3250 EMU3000 series Qidu
EMU3260 EMU3000 series Qidu
EP401 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP412 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP411 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP410 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP409 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP408 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP407 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP406 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP405 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP404 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP403 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP402 EMU400 series Hsinchu
EP601 EMU600 series Hsinchu
EP602 EMU600 series Hsinchu
EP603 EMU600 series Hsinchu
EP604 EMU600 series Hsinchu
EP605 EMU600 series Hsinchu
EP606 EMU600 series Hsinchu
EP607 EMU600 series Hsinchu
EP608 EMU600 series Hsinchu
EP609 EMU600 series Hsinchu
EP610 EMU600 series Chiayi
EP611 EMU600 series Chiayi
EP612 EMU600 series Chiayi
EP613 EMU600 series Chiayi
EP614 EMU600 series Chiayi
EP815 EMU800 series Chiayi
EP816 EMU800 series Chiayi
EP817 EMU800 series Chiayi
EP818 EMU800 series Chiayi
EP819 EMU800 series Chiayi
EP820 EMU800 series Chiayi
R62 G12 R20 Hualien
R101 G22 07.2005 Qidu
R102 G22 07.2005 Qidu
R103 G22 07.2005 Qidu
R105 G22 07.2005 Qidu
R104 G22 1969 07.2005 Qidu
R104 G22 1969 Taitung
R101 G22 Taitung
R102 G22 Taitung
R103 G22 Taitung
R105 G22 Taitung
R201 SALi 2023 Other
R202 SALi 2023 Other

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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