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Stepnogorsk Railways

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Model Serial type ID number Built Written off Depot Note
АГМу-11270 AGMu Stepnogorsk
АГМу-11386 AGMu 1978 Stepnogorsk
АГВ-639 AGV Stepnogorsk
АС1А-869 AS1A Stepnogorsk
EL1-654 EL1 1960 Stepnogorsk Степногорский Горно Химический комбинат
ЭР1-194 EMU RVR ER1 62-11 09.1961 Stepnogorsk
ЭР1-238 EMU RVR ER1 62-11 03.1962 Stepnogorsk
ЭР2-346 EMU RVR ER2 62-61 12.1962 Stepnogorsk
ЭР22-12 EMU RVR ER22 62-105 11.1967 2004 Stepnogorsk
ЭР22-19 EMU RVR ER22 62-105 12.1967 Stepnogorsk
ЭР22-34 EMU RVR ER22 62-105 03.1968 Stepnogorsk
ЭР22-46 EMU RVR ER22 62-105 04.1968 Stepnogorsk
ЭР22-50 EMU RVR ER22 62-105 05.1968 Stepnogorsk
ЭР22-51 EMU RVR ER22 62-105 05.1968 Stepnogorsk
ЭР22-56 EMU RVR ER22 62-105 06.1968 1991 Stepnogorsk
ЭР22-60 EMU RVR ER22 62-105 06.1968 06.1999 Stepnogorsk
ЭР22-61 EMU RVR ER22 62-105 06.1968 Stepnogorsk
ЭР22-64 EMU RVR ER22 62-105 07.1968 Stepnogorsk
КДЭ163-2198 KDE163 1978 Stepnogorsk
КДЭ251-533 KDE251 Stepnogorsk
КДЭ251-535 KDE251 Stepnogorsk
См3-129 Sm3, Sd 1937 1993 Stepnogorsk
См3-133 Sm3, Sd Stepnogorsk
Ср-582 Sr 1949 Stepnogorsk
Ср-615 Sr 1950 Stepnogorsk
Ср-625 Sr 1950 Stepnogorsk
Ср-627 Sr 1950 Stepnogorsk
Ср-631 Sr 1950 Stepnogorsk
Ср-634 Sr 1950 Stepnogorsk
Ср-637 Sr 1950 Stepnogorsk
Ср-650 Sr 1950 Stepnogorsk
Ср-660 Sr 1950 Stepnogorsk
Ср-688 Sr 1951 Stepnogorsk
Ср-693 Sr 1951 Stepnogorsk
Ср-721 Sr 1951 Stepnogorsk
Ср-722 Sr 1951 Stepnogorsk
Ср-729 Sr 1951 Stepnogorsk
Ср-733 Sr 1951 Stepnogorsk
Ср-745 Sr 1951 Stepnogorsk
Ср-766 Sr 1951 11.1983 Stepnogorsk
Ср-767 Sr 1951 Stepnogorsk
Ср-770 Sr 1951 Stepnogorsk
Ср-777 Sr 1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср-891 Sr 1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср-893 Sr 1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср-895 Sr 1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср-896 Sr 13.06.1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср-901 Sr 1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср-1012 Sr 1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср-1014 Sr 1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср-1027 Sr 1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср-1032 Sr 1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср-1042 Sr 1952 Stepnogorsk
Ср3-1201 Sr3 1953 early 1990s Stepnogorsk
Ср3-1386 Sr3 1955 Stepnogorsk
ТЭМ1-1238 TEM1 15211006 1965 PPZHT SGCC "Kazatomprom"
ТЭМ1-1360 TEM1 15211014 1966 PPZHT SGCC "Kazatomprom"
ТЭМ15-001 TEM15 1987 PPZHT SGCC "Kazatomprom"
ТЭМ2-217 TEM2, TEM2A 1969 Stepnogorsk
ТЭМ2р-1110 TEM2, TEM2A 1972 PPZHT SGCC "Kazatomprom"
ТУ2-033 TU2 Atbasar
ТУ2-042 TU2 1957 01.1980 Atbasar
ТУ2-055 TU2 1956 Atbasar
ТУ2-058 TU2 1957 Atbasar
ТУ2-088 TU2 Atbasar
ТУ2-091 TU2 Atbasar
ТУ2-102 TU2 1957 Atbasar
ТУ2-103 TU2 1957 Atbasar
ТУ2-105 TU2 1957 Atbasar
ТУ2-107 TU2 1957 Atbasar
ТУ2-109 TU2 1957 Atbasar
ТУ2-115 TU2 1957 Atbasar Щучинская ДЖД
ТУ2-117 TU2 1957 01.1980 Atbasar
ТУ2-121 TU2 1957 Atbasar
ТУ2-127 TU2 1957 Atbasar
ТУ2-138 TU2 1957 Atbasar
ТУ2-146 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-151 TU2 1957 01.1980 Atbasar
ТУ2-157 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-158 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-186 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-194 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-196 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-197 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-199 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-202 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-203 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-205 TU2 1958 03.2007 Atbasar
ТУ2-209 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-211 TU2 1958 Atbasar
ТУ2-238 TU2 1959 Atbasar
ТУ2-264 TU2 1959 1991 Atbasar
ТУ3-024 TU3 1958 Atbasar Атбасарский элеватор
ТУ4-2554 TU4 Atbasar
ТУ7-1038 TU7 1978 Atbasar
ТУ7-1574 TU7 Atbasar
ТУ7-1577 TU7 Atbasar
ТУ7-1579 TU7 Atbasar
ТУ7-1580 TU7 1980 Atbasar
ТУ7-1583 TU7 Atbasar
ТУ7-1584 TU7 Atbasar
ТУ7-1585 TU7 Atbasar
ТУ7-1586 TU7 Atbasar
ТУ7-1587 TU7 Atbasar
ТУ7-1591 TU7 Atbasar
ТУ7-1592 TU7 Atbasar
ТУ7-1593 TU7 1980 Atbasar
ТУ7-2101 TU7 1983 Atbasar Атбасарский комбинат хлебопродуктов
ТУ7А-2786 TU7 1987 Atbasar п/я М-5025 (Атбасар)
ТУ7А-3222 TU7 1991 Atbasar
ТУ7А-3274 TU7 1991 Atbasar
ТУ7А-3298 TU7 Atbasar Атбасарский комбинат хлебопродуктов
ТУ7А-3299 TU7 Atbasar Атбасарский комбинат хлебопродуктов
ТУ7А-3301 TU7 1993 Atbasar
ТУ7А-3314 TU7 1993 Atbasar
ТУ7Р-0112 TU7R Atbasar Выставлен на продажу

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)


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